Pedaços de mar / Pieces of the sea


Essas gravuras estão sendo mostradas na Canyon@rtG@llery em Lugano-Suiça-Italiana, cujas imagens podem ser vistas nesse link:


O espaço entre as pedras / The space within stones

The works are the photographic register of two interferences in the nature,that I made at the rocks at seashore untitled “White Paper in the landscape” and “The space between the stones” . there are some etchings also, that I called ”feelings of the sea” that are related to theese interventions that I realized on my atellier. In last four years 2000/2004 I made interventions directly in the nature, I feel that the nature front represented in painting/object/recording, is something related to the eye, to the regard while in interferences in nature, the name “landscape” the work in it coincide with the name. The spatial camp, is not on a support outside the nature like paper or canvas the spatial camp is the landscape itself. Therefore the first idea for the job, the work in it exists from the alive one on the place, the space is dealt and discovered like if it would be seen for the first time, or like the primitive men experimented it.It is an approximation of the idea of performance, because is the action on the place that imports and determines the work and not its material result. To walk between stones, to measure its distances, the time of the distance, to perceive its volumes, to touch the material, to make full load its inner space, to wrap the paper to embed it between stones are space exercises. I ask stones as they have been made, in which plastic and visible ways, the marks left by the action of the wind and of the water on them, to materialize the empty spaces of the holes of the layers of the matter trans polishes, to bring the darkness of the hole into light materia, to discover its mysteries.In the exhibition, the photographies of the performance will be disposed in a panel, and their position could be modified from the observer, so the observer can apprroach with de the artistic action. The photographies have been made from Sandra Alves, photographer my friend, of which I appreciate the job. The concept of the work art direction and action are mine.